Damage Control

Here is how my afternoon played out yesterday...

After a walk & the park downtown, the boys played outside. Dylan wanted to make a dam and a waterfall in his sandbox. I knew it would be messy. I decide that's just part of having boys.

Dwayne & I stripped the boys down, cleaned them and put fresh clothes on them for dinner.

On the menu for dinner: rice. I make rice often and have no idea why. It's messy! I usually wait until it dries before even trying to clean it up.

Dwayne had to go out, so I left the boys at the table while I went to pour a bath for them. Big mistake. When I came back, there was rice all over all of them (including the baby), on the windowsill, across the whole table, on the floor...everywhere. Rice food fight!

I stripped Dylan down again and sent him to the tub. I stripped Kobe down again and sent him to the potty. Not necessarily because I wanted him to go pee, just to keep him occupied while I cleaned the baby.

Kobe had a huge pee in the potty. He pulled the pot part out to come show me. I was trying to tell him to take it back when he ripped around. Imagine a windmill-type motion. Pee went everywhere in the living room. All furniture was avoided, although I have no idea how. He turned around with his lips in an 'oh' position. The look on his face said, "HOLY CRAP, I didn't see that coming!"

While I was cleaning that up, Dylan decided to make a lake in my bathroom by splashing in the tub.

By the time I was done, I was pooped. I broke my most important housework rule: Don't go to bed until after you've cleaned up. I cleaned up the pee and the lake in the bathroom, but that's it. I woke up to rice on the windowsill and a chicken bone under the table.

I seem to have many days like this. You know, the ones where you do damage control all.day.long. Character training? Proactive parenting? No way, simply survival!

Do you all have days like these?


annette said...

I hate to laugh but that is halarious.... Yes we all have those days you may have left the mess but sometimes it just best to walk away for a while. Unfortunatly It will be there when you return..
I can just see Kobe doing that too funny, that is something I would have expected from Jaxon

4funboys said...

less and less... because I was/am a VERY ... "not so patient" mother when they were little.

That is to say... I don't have a lot of patience for anyone who just assumes "boys will be boys"... No - boys will be the gentlemen that we train them to be.

Fierce and intense - yet determined and loyal. Impulsive and aggressive - yet strong enough to stand alone. Silly yet appropiate.

I knew that if I didn't just "give-up" when the boys were little... that I'd enjoy them a lot more as they got older!

It's working...

They are fun, loving, considerate... still stinky... still VERY active... wonderful little "men" in training!

So... take the Food fights... and the ones to come (because they will)... as great opportunities for them to learn to CLEAN.

I distinctly remember my 4 year old asking me why I did't let him "clean up his mess last night when it would have been so much easier"...

and I told him "I wanted to make sure that he had to work harder at cleaning up the mess so that he made sure he really wanted to through the spaghetti at his brother next time."

go mama go... make sure they work harder than you, and they're more tired than you are at the end of the day.

Renata said...

Yes definitely have those days, but as for yours - well it had me laughing so hard- yes I can relate, although we've never had a potty accident to that extent!!
Hope today is a little "calmer"!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh my goodness! This tops any kind of crazy day I've ever had! The flinging of the pee was hysterical. Probably not to you...but it sure makes a good story, right? :)

Me said...

Okay - the pee thing was hysterical. I used seats on the potty so I wouldn't have to deal with bowls but that is easier with little girls than it would be with boys, I think.

I have them a lot and I do what 4funboys does I make the girls clean up their messes and let me tell you that is much more work for me than just doing it myself (so are chores by the way=sometimes I want nothing more than to empty the dishwasher myself as it would be easier, faster, and less messy-but I don't).

mamachristina said...

i'm sorry I was chuckling under my breath but if it was my day i know I would not appreciate any chuckles. Hope today is much better. I no the survival game, i am ready for a life of enjoyment.

mholgate said...

Of course I have days like that! I have 5 kids of my own, my oldest turns 7 today! When we have our best friends over, their 3yrold daughter KK likes to play with my 3yrold daughter and make mud cakes! Usually they are pretty neat about it and use a bucket and shovels, but other days they come in covered head to toe in dirt! (Sorry 4funboys, you probably cringe at that!)

I like the quote that someone posted over at RaisingFive. "A wise woman once told me that a mom's ability to let her kids have fun is in direct proportion to her ability to allow a mess" Some messes are just worth cleaning up when they encourage creativity! (Though I have to admit, I'm still working on not cringing when I first lay eyes on them!)

Bobbie-Jo said...

I know you do train you boys very well, so take heart, these days come unannounced and in full force(OH YEAH!). Breathe, survive, and get ready for a good tomorrow.

Love the pee. We've had a lot of body product (I'd like to say fluids, but it just ain't so) incidents, but nothing like that!

Have fun.