Too Busy...In A Really Great Way!

The weather has been fabulous! Hot, hot, hot! Each day as soon as Dwayne gets off work - sometimes even skipping out early - we head to the lake or to the river. Sometimes I feel like work just gets in the way of life. We've really got it all backwards. We need to retire when we're young and work when we're old!

We live in a beautiful place where you can do a huge range of activities all on the same day: boating, Seadooing, playing in the sand, fishing in a friend's pond, golfing, snowmobiling (yes, snowmobiling even in the summer), quadding. I swear, this place is heaven on earth!

All of our summer fun has meant crazy days and even crazier bedtimes. Last night, supper was at 8:30! After the children hit the hay, Dwayne & I have needed some quiet time before going to bed...

My favourite this week has been a bottle of wine out on the trampoline watching the stars...ah, life is good!


Me said...

Beautiful photo collage

The bottle of wine on the trampoline sounds fabulous.

mamachristina said...

My deWayne and i love to relax with a bottle of wine too. I love your collage. well done.

as for your question on the pictures of hail, it was raining so hard that none of the pictures turned out very well.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oooh, sounds dreamy. Especially the wine/trampoline combo. :) You are so blessed to live in such a gorgeous location!

4funboys said...

I agree!!

It's almost too hot here though ..110 degrees, so even the pool seems like a bath.