How Old Is Old?

This year 3 of my cousins graduated. Pamela & Marshall had their ceremonies in May. Coltan had his this weekend.


Pamela - pretty in pink

Marshall, Grandpa & Pamela

Seeing all those kids heading off to the next stage brought back a rush of memories from my own grad. I keep thinking that it was just the other day, but it was 13 years ago. My uncle had a chaperoned party at his house for my cousin. There was the kid's fire and the adult's fire. We got there before the kids did and my aunt said something about the adult's fire. In my mind, that's where my aunt belonged, not me. I'm still a kid, right? Then the kid's started showing up and I realized they wouldn't have wanted me anywhere near their fire...and I wanted nothing to do with theirs. Gulp, I'm an old lady an adult now.

A few weeks ago, a few of our friends went out for dinner to celebrate a birthday. The 18-year-oldish waitresses came over with dessert to sing Happy Birthday to Dennis.

Waitress: "How old are you?"

Dennis: "32." ::sly grin::

Tammy (Dennis' wife): "You are NOT! You're 36!"

Waitress: (Silence). Then, "Okay, let's sing."

The waitress had a look on her face. You know what it said? "Alrightythen...32, 36, 50...whatever...old is old."

The part that hurts me the most about being 30? I clearly remember when 30 was old.


Renata said...

Don't worry- I remember when Dave & I were mid-late teans and decided that 26 was "over the hill". Well I'm on the other side of that now & I'm definitely not old! I think I have redefined "over the hill" as definitely 80's-90's!!!!LOL Guess when I'm there it won't seem that old!
Renata :)

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

This is SOOO funny and a little sad because I can relate all too well. I never thought that my 30's would sneak up on me so quickly. Not to mention that I still think I'm 22, so there's always a disconnect in my head. :)