Yesterday afternoon brought a bbq at our friends' house. After we finished eating, the guys visited while Bobbie and I played some games with the children. We played Kick-The-Can and Sardines. Kick-The-Can was restricted to the backyard. When we got to Sardines, the whole yard was fair game.

Kobe (2) and I partnered up. B was hiding and we each had to find her and quietly hide with her until everybody had found her. Sounded easy enough.

It was. We found her right away - under the car-hauler trailer at the side of the house. Kobe & I quietly scooted under with her. We were laying on our bellies looking around like bandits.

We could see others coming our direction. For some reason, when you're not supposed to laugh, everything strikes you as funny! I was laughing so hard (trying very hard to be quiet).

Then I saw Bobbie scoot under there with us. She was on her belly looking around like a bandit. That made it funnier.

Two 30-year-old women Bobbie is 31. Just for the record., an 8-year-old girl and a 2-year-old boy all hiding under a carhauler trailer. All laying on their bellies, looking around like bandits. I realized we were very visible from the neighbor who lives across the street. It also looked like the curtains were pulled back just a tad. Funnier still.

Now we were both under there laughing. B (8) was looking at us as sternly as an 8-year-old girl can. After all, it was her hiding spot. Another fit of laughter. (Very quietly, of course!) *wink*

E (10) and Dylan (6) came running down the side of the house. E was a touch in front of Dylan. E went running by and next thing we knew, Dylan was under the trailer on his belly looking around like a bandit!

It happened so fast! I whispered to Bobbie that it from E's perspective, it must have looked like one of those drive-by kidnappings. You know, where the van pulls up and they are whipped away before anybody sees. Only we didn't do it. He just flew under there, quiet as a mouse. More laughter.

By the time we were done, we were giggled out and out of breath. Such fun!


Bobbie-Jo said...

I nearly wet myself hiding under there. Next time we must invite that neighbout to play along with us. Then there can be no tattling!

We try to play games like that faily often, Dodgeball is next! Wanna come?

annette said...

that would have been helarious to see from across the street. I'm sure they got a good laugh

mamachristina said...

I love being a kid. great fun.