Marriage Material

We were eating spaghetti. Dylan was slurping it and shovelling it in. I watched him for awhile and then this conversation started:

Me (in a very joking, teasing way): "Honey, who are you going to find to take care of you? What kind of wife is going to want such a messy guy?"

Dylan (in a very serious, thoughtful way): "Well, I'm going to find a wife that loves God more than she loves me and is silly."

That sounds like the perfect match for my little man!


4under3 said...

Oh, are you serious??? What a honey!

That is right on...but I bet if he's sayin' stuff like that, his wife will look right past his spaghetti slurpin'.

4funboys said...

and there you have it mom... all that really matters.


mamachristina said...

I love the things that kids say.
also you have been awarded, visit me today and see.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

I think he will find a great wife. My husband is on the messy side himself ;)

Me said...

He's got his priorities straight! You must be doing the right stuff.