First Day Of Sunday School

Kobe (2) started preschool Sunday School.

I was all cool with it. I had explained it all to Kobe and he was excited. It was decided that Dwayne would go with Kobe. The baby and I would go with Dylan. (It's always nice to have a few extra hands to help the teacher.) What I wasn't expecting was Kobe's reaction when he came out. He was ecstatic! He was so proud to show me his little sheep that he had made and his memory verse 'The Lord is my shepherd.' It tugged at my heart a little. He is getting ever-closer to the 'big-boy' stage. *sniff*

Dylan (6) moved up into a 'big-boy' class this year. When they got to class, they were asked to fill out a paper of 'favourites' and something they were thankful to God for. Dylan said that he was thankful that God gave us bones so we weren't squishy.

Later, they were taking turns saying something great that God had done for them.

Dylan: "God gave us plants. That's great."

SS teacher: "Why is that great?"

Dylan: "We can breathe because they make oxygen."

SS teacher: (A small look of surprise.) I think maybe she was expecting, "So that we can eat them!" or something like that.

He'll keep her hoppin'! *wink*


grandma Margaret from CA said...

My goodness they are getting all grown up(almost). Time flies doesn't it? I remember when you, Amy, were that small. as i remember, you were very bright, then, too. Still are and have such bright children, too. oh must run back to work. love grandma margaret from California.

Blessed Mommy said...

I get amazed everyday at the growth of my boys. They grow way too fast. Is there a stop button?

Me said...

great answer. ;)

Queen Bee said...

Such smart Witty boys! Love his answer to the question at hand!

Renata said...

What a smart boy! Love the answers he gave!