The Mud Bogs

Off we went to watch the mud bogs. A friend was participating in them and we thought the boys would like it. I had no idea what to expect. I mean n-o-n-e. I packed splashpants & rubber boots for the children. Dwayne packed his rain jacket and rubber boots. I packed my rubber boots. I turned out that there were seats to watch from & none of us even got muddy. Ya never know!

Surprisingly, I had fun! I knew Dwayne & the children would enjoy it, but as for me, I was skeptical.

It started out with these babies...

They were fast. They were loud. The children covered their ears and I covered Zane's. Us adults didn't cover ours and spent the rest of the day saying, "What?", "Huh?", "Pardon me?".

I loved every second of the demolition derby...

We each chose a car to bet on. That beautiful, red, station-wagon beast was Bobbie's choice. It won, hands-down. It didn't look much worse at the end than it did when it started.
Here is her mischevious little smile as she was watching her car open a little can o' whoop-*ss...

...and everybody thinks she's so innocent! *wink*

Our husbands were discussing entering the wives into next year's demolition derby. I'm totally in! Bobbie thought she'd be too scared, but I know she'd go way up on the Cool Mom List!

At one point, I looked down the stands and saw a whole row of children doing their own monster-truck thing. There's just something about little guys, some dirt and trucks!

Our friend, Dennis, just couldn't wait for the snow. I guess little guys loving to get dirty just turn into big guys loving to get dirty.


My Life With Boys said...

My boys would love something like Well... I'd endure it. ;)