Night Wanderer

At first I thought it was sleepwalking.

Now I just think it's night wandering.

Either way, it's a little unsettling to have your 2-year-old wandering around the house in the middle of the night.

Often, I will have this strange feeling that someone is watching me while I'm sleeping. I'm talking...2am. I open my eyes. There, 2 inches from my face, is a little 2-year-old face. Staring. Arrrgghhh...go back to bed!

The other night, the baby woke me up. When I got up to tend to him, I noticed Kobe's light on. I went into his room. There he was...out of his crib, light on, curled up in a little ball, sleeping on the floor.

The next night...I got up and he was downstairs, sleeping on the couch.

It's scary that we don't hear him. He's as quiet as a mouse. We put childproof doorknob handles on the exterior doors. I don't want to wake up one morning and find him gone.


Genny said...

My son did that when he was younger a couple of times. I've read that it's normal and they outgrow it. And that has been true for us. My son is seven now and hasn't done it in years.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sandy Toes said...

One of my nephews did this and they bought those First Alert little alarms you stick on doors or across the stairs...sometimes my kids are in my bed in the morning and I never heard them!
Cute Blog!!
Sandy Toes

Renata said...

Our boys wander but only to our bed - where they love to join us in! It's scary when you don't know what's been going on at night. Hope he grows out of this really quickly.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness!!!

that just seems so scary!!

Bobbie-Jo said...

That is scary! Pray for peace in his sleep, deep restfulness.

When Eli had what may have been night terrors, praying with him before bed, specifically about his sleep, really helped. Because Jesus cares about even the small things, right?

Grandma Margaret from California said...

Hi Amy: As long as he can't get outside, he will be okay. I think he will outgrow it, from all I hear. Take care. we got our e-tickets and will see you all soon. Grandma Margaret from California.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I have tagged you: