That Time Of Year Again

The arena is open again. Parent & Child skate is Monday, Wednesday & Friday. We've been going from 10:30 - 11:30 am and it's proven to be a perfect way to break up our school day!
Dylan (6) starts hockey next week and has been terribly excited to be on skates again.

Kobe (2) loves that he is starting to skate without me holding him! Mr. Independent! *wink*

Zane's (10 months) not too sure what it's all about, but just loves being with us!

And don't tell...but I'm getting a little used to pushing Zane in the stroller. When I let go, my balance isn't as good as it usually is. *shhh...*


Me said...

and a good time was had by all? Sweet photos

Queen Bee said...

Great idea with the stroller! Kids look like they are having a blast, but where are the pics of you? Possibly doing some jumps or perhaps a spin?

mamachristina said...


Anonymous said...

We are glad to see you all having great fun see you friday dylan, kobe, zane and mom and dad love granny and papa

Anonymous said...


Laura said...

I have four boys and we are a hockey family too! I love the pictures of baby in the stroller! That is brilliant!
Since moving to Hawaii- we've had to switch to roller-hockey... but HOCKEY ROCKS!