The 'Scenic' Route

Today we ventured off the planned route and took the 'scenic' route.

I wasn't sure at first - it was so curvy and narrow that I was starting to feel car-sick. At one point, I was wondering how I was going to puke out the window without getting it all along the side of the truck. Thankfully, that is one experiment that didn't happen.

I can hardly believe how well the children are travelling. Dylan is enthused with the camera I've let him use. Kobe keeps saying, "Is this Mexico? Mexico sure is a long way." Zane is content to look out the window, pull at Kobe's shirt to see if he can make him scream at him, eat and sleep.

Right now I'm tucked up in bed - listening to at least one snoring child - in Idaho Falls.


Anonymous said...

This going to be such a great experience for you all. I'm glas to hear they are travelling so well. We are in Weyburn, Sk on our way to Illinois for Monday delivery. It was good to have a leisurely drive for the first trip. love you all mom and dad

margaret said...

Making good time, I think. I hope all continues to go well. Take care and keep safe and have fun. Love Grandma Margaret & Papa Peter.

Jen said...

You guys are going to have a wonderful experince.
Congratulations on the baby I did not know you were expecting!

Bobbie-Jo said...

So, complete ignorance of American geography here - you're in Idaho?

Thinkin' of you daily.

Jackie said...

So I haven't been by in a bit, and I guess I missed out on hearing about this big trip you all are Mexico! Wow. And I see in your label tags it says Missions, too, which is so awesome!