Our Tour-About Hermosillo

Lane took us on a drive-about the city.

This is a huge house that was being built by someone who was into some criminal activity and was killed. The house is now vacant and still unfinished. It

seems to be the popular spot for 'artists'.

This would be an upper-middle class home. Everything in all parts of the city has bars and locks.

This would be a middle class home.

This tar paper - yes, tar paper - home is in the lower class area. No air conditioners or refrigerators in these homes.

While we were on the drive, we saw circus trucks driving around with animals in trailers advertising their shows. The children thought it was crazy and wanted us to follow them around everywhere.

The poor animals - it was 40C and they were being hauled around.


Mummy McTavish said...

I stalk cement mixers and other big trucks... I would TOTALLY stalk circus trucks!