Settling In

The first couple of days here in Hermosillo have be used settling in. We are getting used to our neighbourhood, grocery shopping and finding our way to the other missionaries homes and the church.

This is the street that we're living on.

The place we're living in is a decent size, but has no yard. Most homes here have no yard at all. Have you ever tried staying inside for any length of time with three boys? It's not pretty. There is a park a few blocks down that offered some much-needed run-around time.

I know, I know. Zane is on a leash. It's a children's leash, but a leash nontheless. I swore I'd never be one of those moms. Now I am. There are just too many crazy drivers and dangerous things for me to not have them all very close to me.

Dylan's new-found passion is climbing trees. The trees here are just too cool! They are many that are great for climbing.

Today while we were walking, this older lady saw the children and broke into a huge smile. She came scurrying over and started chattering away to us in Spanish. I must have been looking at her blankly - there were precious few words that sounded familiar - but she didn't notice.
There was much head-patting, cheek-pinching and oohing and aahing happening. The children were staring at her like she was crazy. I mean nobody pinches their cheeks at home - except their crazy Grannie.
I finally got out of her that she had five children and off she went, smiling and waving, still chattering in Spanish.
We saw her a few blocks later and the scene repeated itself. This time I understood that she had five daughters and was wondering where my girls were. The children now ask about our 'amigo' and have been eagerly keeping an eye out for her.


Anonymous said...

Cute. You need Peter with you. He could help you understand. Or translate for you & her. Take care. I worry about this flu that's going around. You are all in our thoughts and prayers always. (great) Grandma Margaret & Peter from California.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I never commented on the pictures. They are great. I think the leash is a good idea. After all you have 3 boys to watch over and that can be a task in a different place with no family around to help. Must run to work. (NOT Run - Run. Just go to work. :-) ) Love Grandma Margaret.

Mummy McTavish said...

Yeah, don't you love those "so do you have any girls?" comments. DO THEY NOT KNOW HOW THIS WORKS??? I don't know about you but I didn't get to pick what I got.

It sounds like the kids are enjoying the experience.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and this granny is really missing being their crazy granny. miss you all lots love granny and papa

Ana said...

What a pretty place you guys are at. When you are all settled, post details of what type of missions you are doing. I can't wait to hear all about it:)

Hope all is well with you and the boys, you are in my thoughts.