On The Road

I got a call 20 minutes before leaving town today. Our letter of permission was being faxed - within 20 minutes!

Grabbing the letter was the last thing we did before we left town. Thank you for your prayers - this is one less thing that I will have using up brain-space!

It was a long day of travelling today - 9 hours in all. We made it 800kms. We will cross the US border tomorrow.

I'm beat & going to sleep now. 'Night.


Anonymous said...

Hope the border crossing goes well. Looks like you made some good time today. Hope it continues to go well.

Mummy McTavish said...

Oh good, you're not doing some fugitive runner with Chrysler hot on your tail :)

Travel safe.

Anonymous said...

Good deal!! A good start for your trip. I read Dylan's blog and enjoyed the pictures. Please take care of yourselves and each other. you are all in our thoughts and prayers always. Have fun and stay safe. Love Grandma Margaret & Peter from California.

Anonymous said...

I was so glad to have spoken with Dwayne this morning, it always seems to make things better when you can actually talk to you all. I know that I will have to be okay with this way of exchanging information and thats okay too. Please stay safe and have a good time. Look forward to hearing from you every day love always mom and dad

Bobbie-Jo said...

So ... I guess I'm not fish-sitting?

Godspeed, Queen Family!