Dale, Dale, Dale (Hit it, Hit it, Hit it)

We got to experience a Canadian/Mexican birthday party. One of the missionary boys turned 6.
First, pizza at Peter Piper's. Our family ordered peperoni y champiñón.

After pizza, we hit the games on the other side of the restaurant. Is this an authentic Mexican experience? Apparently it is in the city. The homes have no yard, so there are huge playplaces in restaurants like this, Burger King & Carl's Jr. One of the Carl's Jrs here has a 3 storey playplace.

Off to their house for cake.

...and a piñata. We sang the following song to time how long each turn was:

Dale, dale, dale.
No pierdas el tino.
Porque si lo pierdes.
Pierdes el camino.
Ya le diste una.
Ya le diste dos.
Ya le diste tres.
Y tu tiempo se acabó.

Hit it, hit it, hit it.
Don’t loose your aim.
Because if you lose it.
You lose the way.
You hit it once.
You hit it twice.
You hit it three times.
And your time is up.

In between the restaurant and their home, Zane developed a fever. By the time I borrowed their thermometer, his fever was already at 104F.
I had a ladies' Bible study to go to in the evening, but with Zane's fever, I stayed home to try to get it under control.


Mummy McTavish said...

Mmmmm, birthday cake....

I hope Zane's fever is settled down and he's doing okay now!

Bobbie-Jo said...

This post never updated on my blog. I just saw it for the first time now. Glad the whole ordeal is over!

Ana said...

I thought that you were back in Canada? Did I miss something:(

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