Fathers' Day Fun

Fathers' Day started out with Mr. B's van driving by to alert the village of the pancake breakfast at 9am. He comes by to announce all 'major' events in our town. You hear echoing for awhile before you clearly hear, "Good morning, ______(our town)! It's a beautiful mountain morning so come on out and enjoy..."

There's something oddly comforting in hearing that voice on the loudspeaker. Small-town comforting.

After the pancake breakfast, some childrens' races at the park, and church, we headed out to a friend's farm for some noisy, gas-guzzling fun.

Safety first!

...or not!

My little Dylan was riding a dirtbike for a good portion of the afternoon. I didn't get one decent picture of him. These are some of our friends' children. Sorry Dylan, maybe next time I'll get some good ones.


Mummy McTavish said...

What fun! I love the "hayride" in the ATV. That's a lot of kids in one small tray!