Mama To All Boys

I have been thinking of my role as a mom to all boys.

When I had our second son, people would say things like, "Maybe you'll get a girl next time."

Or worse, they'd look at me with a sympathetic look and say, "Aw, honey, better luck next time."

They didn't get it.

They assumed that I wanted a girl. They never stopped to think that maybe I liked being a mom to boys.

Then Zane came along. The comments intensified. "You need to try again." "There's a girl in there somewhere." "Keep trying."

When I tried to explain that it was my desire to have four boys, I got looks that said they really didn't believe me. One lady actually said to me, "I understand. You're saying that so you're not disappointed if you don't get a girl."

I get it now:

I won't be able to explain it. I won't be able to put into words the warm feelings I feel in my heart when I think of my four little guys. They won't understand that raising boys is fun, adventurous, dangerous. They won't feel the sense of seriousness I feel when I think of raising Godly men, fathers, leaders. They won't understand how good it feels to have little guys offering to protect me when they think I'm scared or fight for me when they think I've been wronged.


I'm feeling those feelings.

I'm enjoying my boys.

I'm having a hard time keeping up with their energy, but I am laughing most of the way!

(And I have one friend that does understand a bit. She actually said she feels a small twinge of jealousy when she thinks of me as the queen of my home. It's the first and possibly the last time I may ever hear that, but I'll take it! You know who you are...and thanks for those words.)


Mummy McTavish said...

I cried when I found out my first was going to be a boy... I just had no idea what to do with a boy... boys do boy stuff and I was not really sure what that involved other than getting injured a LOT!

Second time round I was actually relieved... I figured I wouldnt know what to do with a girl, I doubted that a girl would care that I knew all the correct names for earth moving machinery, or would want to play with all the mountains of boy toys that we had and probably wouldnt want to wear all the t-shirts with trucks on them and camo gear we had.

Third time round... hahahaha, not telling... you'll have to wait like everyone else!

I am getting all the "you must want a girl so badly" comments. especially when I tell people there is a good chance this'll be the last. I make sure I let them know that I just want a baby. I want it to scream loud and long when they get it out so I know it's alive and other than that I don't care. There have been too many really close friends babies go straight to be with Jesus since I have had Dragon, 4 stillborn babies plus even more miscarriages. Girl, Boy, I don't care... ALIVE... That's what I want!

Sorry, that's a bit of a downer that comment is. I do find it shuts up the really persistant "need a girl" advocates though:)

B Boys Mom said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I also love being a mom of 4 boys. Boys are wonderful. A very good friend of ours has 4 girl and I just think god new I could not be a mom of girls. I think they are a lot more work and have to much drama. My boys get upset by also they get over things very fast and then they are done with it. I think boys are very busy when they are young like your boys are but get much easier when they are teens. Good luck with your wonderful boys.

raising4boys said...

I love what you wrote. I sometimes get annoyed by comments at the stores too. This is the family Heavenly Father wanted me to raise. I just hope I'm doing a good job. Sometimes it's tough, but now I think "What would I do with a girl?" Boys are great! I love that they are low drama (I say low because there is a little).

Your boys are adorable!