Put That Fire Out Already!

When I am pregnant, I have heartburn constantly. I always have a pack of Tums somewhere close to help me out a little.

Kobe (3) saw some next to my bed and started asking questions:

K: What's this?
Me: Those are Tums. They are for mommies, not little boys.
K: Why?
Me: They are for Mommy's heartburn.
K: Why?
Me: Sometimes it hurts right here and they make it feel better.
K: Oh.

A few minutes later...

K: These make you feel better when you have a big fire in you?


B Boys Mom said...

Toooo cute! I had heartburn too, oh I remember it so clearly. Uggggg

raising4boys said...

Too funny!

To answer you question about our chart. I just made it out of card stock, following the stop light colors with black on the bottom and small piece of blue on the top to start the day. I laminated it with contact paper. When they fight, call names or don't listen all I have to do is move their clip (they each have one with their name, except for the baby) and they don't like it so it usually gets them to stop. Its like they get two warnings throughout the day and once they get to red "Stop and Think" they have a 5 minute time out. Depending on what they have been doing, I'll take away a toy or one day I made my 5 year old take a nap. If they get to black its loose a privilege such as friends, bike, video games, no more outside time, etc. Whatever fits the behavior.
I love it and will probably do it again next summer. It seems to help to switch up what we do to control their behavior. What I like about this is I don't have to say a word, just move the clip and they usually will STOP! Oh one more thing. Each day they start fresh at the top on blue!!

Mummy McTavish said...

So cute. Hope the heartburn goes away soon :( yuck.

Bobbie-Jo said...

I love the way they think so literally. Like a rooster's tail on the back of their head...