There is a family that we have gotten to know in the last few years.

They are fascinating to me because:

-they have raised/are raising 9 godly children.

-they moved to the Philipines when she was pregnant with her 4th child and had no idea that the Lord would have them serve there for 17 years before returning.

-their children seem so 'wholesome'.

-when you drive in their driveway, it's like entering a different world - a world of friendliness, eagerness, respectfulness, authenticity.

-the children have been trained to be true servants.

-their 16-year-old daughter can keep a house better than I can.

-they desire to be around our family and seem to genuinely enjoy our visits.

We were recently invited to their youngest son's birthday party. Here are some pictures to show of the celebrations.



What time is it Mr. Wolf?


Today we helped celebrate one of their daughter's wedding. It is a big year for them - two weddings, their first grandbaby and a possible move back to the Philipines.
We are so blessed to know this family! I pray that our friendships continue to develop.


Life with Kaishon said...

Wow. They sound amazing : )