Great Grandparents

Dwayne's grandparents came down for a visit.
They spoil the children with attention and sweets. Would you expect any differently from Great Grandparents?

We took them out on a morning quad trip.
It was a relaxing way to spend some time with them 'boy style'.

We saw many marmots. They are disgusting and they weren't much afraid of us. I was a little worried they might dart up our pants or something.

We did some other sight-seeing, took them to a church bbq and had a great visit with them. They're the main thing we miss from our hometown. We'd love to live closer to them, but we'll take what we can get.


Mummy McTavish said...

But that thing looks kinda cute, that's not fair when they trick you with their sweet fuzzy faces and are really all gross and scary!

Great Grandparents deserve their GREAT name. Glad you had so much fun with them!