Parlez-Vous Français?

We have a French teacher! Valerie, from Montreal, moved to our neighborhood this summer. We've been getting together now and then for coffee and a visit. She is young - around 30, I'd say. She has no children, which sometimes makes it overwhelming to be around energetic boys, but she loves the kids. Her husband works about 45 minutes away and she doesn't work. This leaves her a bit lonely, I think. She's used to having a very hectic and stressful work schedule in Montreal, so this has been quite a change for her.

I spoke with her yesterday and she has agreed to teach Dylan some French! Dylan and I are very excited and so is she. It will be nice having her around and getting to know her better and brushing up on my French, too.

BTW...I was at my esteticians' this week and she informed me that she reads my blog all the time, she just has been unable to comment. She has forgotten her blogger id and password. So, this means my readership is up to five people! Maybe she'll open a new account and we can enjoy her feedback...hint, hint.


Bobbie-Jo said...

Do you think she would take on another student ... or three? In time, of course, we're not ready, and I don't want to *steal* her from you.

BTW, you have been a busy little blogger!

Anonymous said...

That's great to have a French teacher in your neighborhood! We started the school year eager to learn Spanish, though interest fizzled out a few weeks ago. :)

Ana said...

I read your blog once per week to see photos of the boys. I usually don't have time to comment since my kidlets need my mommy time:)

French sounds great. Emma loves being in French Immersion, they pick it up so quickly!

Mom2BnB said...

Oh that is fantastic. I'm sure he'll do fantastic!

I get to check others blogs out once or twice a week. Just don't always comment lol. I usually think of it, and forget by the time I finish reading or looking at pics. So I guess you could say I am a partime reader lol!

Renae said...

Fantastique! Quelle bonne surprise!