The Monsters In My Closet

I have to admit, I have been scared of the monsters in my closet (AKA pre-pregnancy clothes). I mean, who wants to be excited about slipping on that great pair of jeans, only to be astonished that you can't even fit one leg through the waist?!?! Well, today I conquered my fears. I grabbed a fav pair of my jeans and voila! They fit! Not the same way they once did - a little flab here, a little sag there - but they will fit better one day. For now I'm just happy to have them on.

What's something a touch scary that you've tackled lately?


Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel. I recently lost 10 lbs so I'm beginning to get a little extra room in my jeans. I'm aiming for 20 more. The only tough thing that I have tackled lately is trying to get use to the idea of my Hip Rider preparing to wean. :(