I Want Proof!

This last few weeks has been by far the busiest time of my life as a parent...homeschooling, a complicated pregnancy & equally complicated delivery/recovery, a new baby & 2 other children, moving, Christmas...yikes! Now is the time that my 21-month-old decides he's ready to potty-train! I am thrilled, although not with the timing. The first day Kobe had a poop on the potty, Dylan is gone with Dwayne. I told Dwayne about it when he got home. What did Dylan say? "Did you save it so I could see?" He wanted proof. Well no, Dylan, I did not save Kobe's poop for you. I did take a picture of him in the act, though.


Bobbie-Jo said...

Potty training - HA!! Not my favourite thing in the world. At least HE'S doing the training!

How is it going?

Head Bitty said...

Whaddya mean you didn't save the poop?!?! Aren't we supposed to do that? Like saving the hair from the first haircut...toss the poo in a baggy and tuck it away until highschool graduation.