Moby Wrap

***UPDATE***: Okay, now he peed in it and it leaked through!

Okay, so I bought this Moby D Wrap and was really excited to use it. Trouble is, it is hard to figure out. Just when I think I have it - like this morning - baby starts to sag in there. I mean, curl up into a little ball! It doesn't matter if I have him in a cradle hold or upright, the same thing happens. Am I doing something wrong or is this how it works? BTW, I love it...until he starts to sag.


Heth said...

The trick is wrapping it tighter than you think you should when you put it on. You are right, over time they start to sag so getting it snug at the beginning is key. You want that baby up high, the top of their head at your chin. I was lucky to have my dear friend Sara show me how to wrap mine and it helped hugely. It looks good though, just wrap it tighter.

Oh, and sorry I didn't get to the meme you tagged me for yet. I'm so bad about that kind of stuff! I think I have done that one before but I never run out of weird things. :)

Mom2BnB said...

I loved that. I borrowed one from a girlfriend when I had Blake, and really enjoyed using it. I agree, tie it as tight as you can, and I found keeping it a bit higher than where it was supposed to be helped.

Nicki said...

I have a BabyHawk. It's the best baby purchase I've made since the stroller. You can wear it on your back with them sitting up when they get a little older!! Love it.