Okay, here's to my four loyal readers...

Yesterday afternoon, the wind started howling and swirling snow everywhere. I tried to take a picture of this fantastic storm, but it doesn't do it justice - it really looked way worse!

At about 3:30pm, that's it, the power goes out! Just as I was throwing my roasted chicken in the oven. Hhhmmmpppff...maybe it will be on soon. NOPE, it was almost 10 hours before it came back on. So...what do you do with the power out? Start the generator and string electical cords through the window and throughout the house!

Heat? Check: pellet stove.

Dinner? Check: Popcorn! (Made on the floor by the power source.)

Entertainment? Check: Tumbling dominoes with tiles.

Tired of waiting? Try a cuddle and a snooze!


Renae said...

Looks like fun. And the picture of your hubby and baby on the couch is too sweet. Hope you were able to save the chicken!

Tara said...

I'm sure there are more than four of us reading! And it's a good thing you had a generator! I don't know what we would do if our power went out for 12 hours... and I agree with Renae above that the picture of your hubby and baby are adorable!

Bradi said...

Oh wow...that is awful. Thank goodness you have that stove for heat! We had our power out for 24 hours this fall, and we know how hard it is to entertain and survive with no power.