Too Stubborn To Learn From Others' Mistakes

Katherine posted once about a tub of Tide falling off her washer during the spin cycle and breaking on the floor. I remember thinking, "That really sucks! How would you ever get all that soap cleaned up? Would you ever get rid of the suds?" Apparently, reading her post did not teach me a thing. I was just lucky enough that it was the Downey and not the Tide that fell off of mine. Only by luck, though, as the Tide was sitting right beside the Downey. I was nursing the baby when Dwayne said, "What is this blue stuff all over the floor?" He cleaned it up, even though I insisted I'd do it as soon as I was done with the baby. I quickly hopped up and made him an iced capp as an appreciation gift...and then moved the Tide over to above the dryer.

By the way, I think I'll have to clean the rest of the laundry room tile floor in Downey, as it soaked through and really doesn't match now.


Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

ugh, not fun. hope mine doesn't do that since i read your post! lol just kidding

Sharon said...

Who thought you would invent a new way to stain floors. ;)
I have had that happen before-but it was not liquid. So it was a mess but one that could be handled with a broom.

Thanks for stopping by--it is always nice to meet new people.
Have a great day.