Eeeeerrrch! Where Are The Brakes On This Baby?

Zane turned 3 months on the weekend and yesterday rolled over for the first time. I put him on his belly, he started to fuss, I looked over and he was on his back. Hmmmm...I thought I put him on his belly. I went over and put him on his belly again. Whoops, over he went. This time I saw it - and so did Dylan so I have a witness. I thought I'd grab the video camera, so I plopped him back on his belly and before I could turn around, he was back on his back. Fast learner. After I got the video camera, he stopped. Go figure. Zane is not too fond of his 'tummy-time' in the first place. Now I'll never get him to have it.

My question: Where are the brakes? How do I slow things down a little so I can savor each stage just a little longer?


annette said...

as unfortunat as it is there are not breaks every second you turn your head they grow abit more. just enjoy every stage because they pass them So fast