It's A Lunar Eclipse!

My friend, who always lets me know of events I'm unaware of, called me to tell me about the lunar eclipse tonight.

I asked, "When?"

Her reply? "Right now. Go look out your window."

So, here's my family looking out the window...

And here is what they were looking at.
Did you catch it from where you live? The next one to be seen from Canada is apparently in 2010. I'll get my friend to give you a call.


Nicole said...

Yup I gathered up all the kids and drug them outside in the bitter cold with PJ's and coats and hats and mittens and boots to stare at the moon for about three minutes until they decided it was way too cold. LOL

They came back in and crawled into bed. I got them back up fifteen minutes when the best part was occurring - this we observed from my bedroom window (would have been so much better if I had just done that the first time!)

You got a great picture!!!