Phonics Anyone?

Dylan is learning to read. This has spurred interest in trying to figure out what Dwayne and I are saying when we spell things in front of him, how to read signs downtown, and how to write small messages.

Uncle Tom (Dylan's great-uncle) has tried to teach Dylan to say sh*t ever since he was very little. This frustrates me to no end. Dylan has been told that he will get into trouble if he says it; even if Uncle Tom thinks it's funny. He doesn't understand why Uncle Tom would try to get him into trouble. (For the record, I don't either). Now, Dylan has decided that he is going to 'teach' Uncle Tom the right way to act. He figures he can get him to stop these bad behaviors. Alrighty, then.

This morning Uncle Tom stopped by to pick up Daddy. When Dylan saw him he said, "Wait a minute, I have something to give you." He ran to write something on a piece of paper. What did it say? 'No saen sh*t'. ('Saen' being the phonics version of 'saying'.)

What am I supposed to do about this?!?! His intentions are good, but...


Anonymous said...

Don't stress over it. Dylan will figure it out.

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