The Good Ol' Hockey Game

Dylan's hockey team played in an out-of-town tournament this weekend. Here are a few pictures of the action.

At this level, each player takes turns playing goalie. To some, it feels like a punishment, but others can't wait!

He missed out playing centre this time. He sure hustles to get there first!

At the hotel room, the boys were still trying to wear off excess energy. It would be fantastic if I had half the energy that they have!

This is Kobe's 'I'm gonna get you good' face - gritting his teeth and all.

Poor Daddy! Just wait until Zane gets in there!

We don't normally let the boys jump on the beds, but I just had to get some action pictures after I saw Dylan do it once. I cannot believe that he still had so much energy after all that hockey!

"I can't wait to come play too!"

When Dylan was getting out of his hockey gear after his last game, he heard 'Coach Ray' say that he wanted to get home quickly so that he could play in his team's tournament game at 1:30. After hearing that, he badly wanted to see Coach Ray play. We went straight to the arena when we got back to town. Coach Ray did not disappoint him. He scored the first two goals and went up another notch on Dylan's hero list.

Dylan hasn't seen Dwayne play hockey yet, either. Dwayne has been thinking about starting back next year. If Dylan is so excited to see Coach Ray play, image how thrilling it will be to see Daddy!

We also went swimming while we were there. We all had a great time! There is a wonderful kiddie area where even Kobe can touch the whole way. They have buckets, floatie toys and rubber ducks floating all around. Zane and I were sitting with my back against the ledge. Kobe came along and started lining up the ducks on the ledge behind me. He made many trips back and forth, getting more ducks to line up. If they weren't sitting 'just right', he'd straighten them out. When he was finished, he had about 40 ducks lined up. Dwayne started messing with him and would remove one without Kobe seeing him. Then Kobe would notice that it didn't look right and quickly fix it. Can anybody say 'OCD'?


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Looks like fun was had by all!

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