...On The Top Of The World, Looking Down On Creation...

Yesterday we went up to the alpine and had some family fun. There were lots of us that went, doing a variety of activities. We had snowmobiling (everybody had to snowmobile to get up there), tobagganing, snowboarding, building snowforts and skiing. It's a long tobaggan hill, so hitchin' a ride is a must! The photo-ops were abound. Too bad my new camera still wasn't in. The shots aren't fabulous with this camera. It also would have been nice to have some more blue sky. But hey, you can't have it all!

This is our 'community backyard'. It feels like the top of the world!

Here is the tobaggan hill (to the right of the cabin).

Dylan on the GT.

The ride up the hill. Much too far to walk!

Dylan's very first shot at snowboarding. A friend is going tandem with him - showing him the feel of it before he tries it himself.
My little Dylan going solo.
Care for trying a jump at the bottom?
Kobe getting pulled on his sled by Daddy.

Kobe chillin' - eating his hot dog.
My brother and his almost-2-year-old.
The whole day, Zane was bundled up under my jacket in his Moby D Wrap. He was cozy and sleeping most of the time. I was waddling around taking pictures, feeling a bit large in my snowsuit and him in my jacket. Felt a little like being pregnant again!
One of the children that came had a tobaggan crash. He is alright now, but it did require a trip to the hospital. Since he is my friend's kid and some of you also read her blog, I'll leave it up to her to post about it. Other than that, it was a wonderful time for all!


Bobbie-Jo said...

It would have been OK to put a link. I posted a real ugly picture. Glad the rest of you had fun!

Laura said...

Missing the Montana snow and mountains right now...glad you guys had a fun day!

My Life With Boys said...

Looks like you had fun! Yeah, I don't know why you can't see my pictures. That's really strange- they show up fine for me...hmmm...interesting!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is just beautiful and looks like so much fun! I love your lapbook esp the Daddy pic. So cute! Have a blessed day!