My Kobe

Well, it's Kobe is 2. *sniff, sniff*

Some little tidbits about Kobe:
1. His big brother is his very best friend.
2. He loves his 'blankie' more than his mama - even though he loves his mama alot.
3. He is cheerful, very cheerful.
4. His new saying is, "See ya, I love you!" in a very cute toddler voice.
5. Everything Dylan does has to be copied.
6. He loves his 'Baby Zane'.
7. If Daddy lies down on the floor, he's fair game for rough-and-tumble.
8. Trucks and John Deere tractors are his passion.
9. His favourite foods are broccoli and oranges.
10. My heart swells with love when I think of him.

Happy birthday, honey!


Tara said...

awwww...great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Oh so sweet. They grow up too fast.

Mom2BnB said...

Happy Birthday to him! I love this age! (regardless of what people say about the terrible twos) Boys at two, are much easier than girs at two (imho, lol)